✏️ Writing at Bessacarr Primary ✏️

"You can make anything by writing"- C.S Lewis



At Bessacarr Primary, we strive to help our children develop into articulate, imaginative communicators, who are well equipped with the basic skills they need, including fluenct handwriting and accurate spelling, to become life-long learners. Alongside this, we aim to ensure that all of our children develop a genuine love of language and the written word, through a text-based, thematic approach, where having a reason to write is of paramount importance to the process- with particular emphasis on the value of real-life audience and purpose. Teachers strive to make links to current events and global issues as it provides not only extra motivation and engagements, but also enables children to become proud citizens of the world.


To be successful writers, we beleive that children must be exposed to a variety of high-quality genres, text types and vocabulary, drawing heavily from what they have read. For this reason, teachers carefully consider and choose inspiring texts, which they are passionate about, and which become a catalyst for excellent writing. As well as this, we stringly beleive that a well-planned, consistent approach, using a clear writing sequence throughout school, with an emphasis on high quality modelling, supports children on their writing journey. Designed to break down cognitive load, this sequence aims to allow children to become authors, who are able to enjoy crafting a final piece, encompassing knowledge and skills expertly taught in their journey.




Impact (2021-2022)

- At the end of Reception, 76% of children achieved good level of development (GLD) compared to 65% of children nationally.

-At the end of Key Stage 1, 80% of pupils achieved the expected standard in writing compared to 58% of children nationally.

- At the end of Key Stage 2, 83% of pupils achieved the expected standard in writing compared to 70% of children nationally.