🔨 DT at Bessacarr Primary 🔨


"Design and Technology should be the subject where children turn their bright ideas into useful products"- James Dyson



At Bessacarr Primary School we aim to equip children with the skills and knowledge to succeed in an ever changing world. Our Design and Technology curriculum is a broad range of stimulating design and making opportunities, where children are taught key skills and techniques using a range of tools and high quality materials, including working with food. Children are given the knowledge and understanding to be able to design and make purposefully, and within a variety of relevant contexts.  

Children communicate their ideas both verbally and through writing, drawings and models, using a cycle of generating ideas, making and evaluating. In this way they will become resilient learners, always striving to improve and develop new approaches in order to overcome problems. Emphasis is placed on creativity, and children explore endless possibilities using their imagination, alongside the practical skills they have learnt. 

Where possible we aim to make links between other areas of learning such as maths, science, engineering, computing and art whilst valuing Design Technology in its own right. Technology over time is explored and children consider existing products and evaluate both their effectiveness and their impact on the environment, broadening their understanding of issues affecting our world and allowing children to reflect on their own values. 

Our aim is to give children skills for life through a range of practical making experiences. This includes regular opportunities to make and eat their own food, whilst gaining an understanding of where their food comes from. Children understand what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and the part that a healthy and balanced diet plays in this.