Holiday Pattern 2022/23

Parental Involvement

The partnership between home and school is very important and we believe it is good for our children to witness parents and school working together towards a common goal. Parents are encouraged to come into school on a regular basis in order to help in various ways.

The main aim is the enhancement of the partnership between school and home, promoting opportunities for parents to experience first-hand what occurs in school thus furthering their knowledge and understanding of the basic aims of the school.

In addition it is felt that parents may be able to offer specific talents and skills that will complement the school curriculum and it provides an opportunity for children to meet and work with other adults thus developing their skills of adaptability and co-operation.

Parents who express a wish to work voluntarily in school are given a booklet containing essential information relating to the school day and safety procedures. Helpers will be asked to fill in a form detailing their preferences in relation to time, year groups, etc. Rotas may have to be established in order to ensure that all offers of help can be accepted at some stage throughout the school year and therefore we ask parents to make an initial commitment of one term only.

For security reasons all parents who are helping in school must report to the office and sign in, and on leaving sign out. The school is committed to ensuring the safety of all children on the school premises. All regular volunteers will be required to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service check.